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  •  625.00

    Presenting you this read and white beauties wrapped in jute cloth. This gorgeous rose arrangement will be the ideal gift to charm your loved ones on a special occasion. Send this floral bouquet to your loved ones on their birthdays or anniversaries and tell them that they are special.

    Product Contains:

    – 10 Mixed Roses (5 Red and 5 white) in Jute Packing

  •  745.00

    Make any day special for your special people with this amazing Gift Hamper that contains a bunch of 6 Assorted Roses, wrapped in White paper, a Greeting Card and a Box of Cadbury’s Celebrations Chocolates.

    Product Contains:

    – 6 Assorted Roses wrapped in White paper

    – a box of Cadbury’s Celebrations (125.3 gms)

    – 1 Greeting Card

  •  799.00

    If you think of it, flowers are the reason that makes so many people smile on an everyday basis. If you also want to witness a graceful smile on the face of your dear ones, then send them this basket of magnificent Red Roses. These roses will fill their lives with loads of beauty and fragrance.

    Product Contains:
    – Basket Arrangememt of 18 Red Roses

  •  795.00

    White is peaceful. White is strength. White is Love. Send this Bouquet of 6 White Orchids, wrapped in White paper to express your feelings to someone.

    Product Contains:

    – 6 White Orchids

    – White paper

  •  845.00  795.00

    If you are an old school romantic, this Gift Hamper will let the other person know about you. It includes a Bunch of 15 Classy Red Roses and a Greeting Card.

    Product Contains:

    – 15 Red Roses

    – Greeting Card (As per occasion)

  •  795.00

    Express your love and gratitude to your loved ones by gifting this adorable combo of red roses, lip-smacking dairy milk chocolates and a cute little soft teddy. This unique combo is absolutely a charming way to send your heartfelt wishes to your dear ones on any special occasion.

    Product Description:
    – 10 Red Roses
    – Teddy bear (6 inch)
    – 5 Dairy Milk (13.2 gm)

  •  995.00

    A heart made of Red Roses is definitely a special one. With this special arrangement of Red Roses, professing love is easier. These 16 Red Roses are arranged in the shape of a heart in a Black Vase. It is simply beautiful!

    Product Contains:

    – Heart-shaped Bouquet of 16 Red Roses

    – Black Vase

  •  645.00

    Orchids gained fame during the Victorian time and since then, they have been seen as a symbol of Royalty. The Blue Orchids carry the same essence. This Bunch of 6 Blue Orchids, wrapped in Cellophane Paper, will make someone feel Noble.

    Product Contains:

    – 6 Blue Orchids wrapped in Cellophane Paper

  •  799.00

    Vibrant, gorgeous and grand, this glass vase of 5 red roses and 4 blue orchids is everything that one can ask for. A beautiful gift to make someones day better.

    Product Contains:

    – 5 Red Roses and 4 Blue Orchids
    – Glass Vase Arrangement

  •  745.00

    A Rose is the true embodiment of love. It is nature’s most beautiful way of showing us what true love is. Gift this bunch of 20 Red Roses, wrapped in Red paper, to someone and let them know how you feel about them.

    Product Contains:

    – 20 Red Roses wrapped in Red special paper

  •  945.00  849.00

    Pink is a magical colour. With this Bouquet of 8 Pink Roses, wrapped in Pink paper, you can make anyone fall in love. It is beauty at its best. Make it a perfect Gift with Pink Teddy Bear.

    Product Contains:

    – 8 Pink Roses

    – Pink paper packing

    – 1 Pink Teddy Bear (10 inches)

  •  695.00  645.00

    Orchids are one of the most exotic flowers. If you want to admire someone, send them Purple Orchids as they signify royalty, dignity, respect, and admiration. Show your gratitude to someone with this Bunch of 6 Purple Orchids wrapped in Cellophane packing.

    Product Contains:

    – 6 Purple Orchids wrapped in Cellophane packing

  •  895.00

    Amplify your love and make it grand with this splendid bunch of 20 Red Roses. This beautiful Bunch has the best Roses as they have been imported from the best farm. This is sure to elate someone’s mood.

    Product Contains:

    – 20 Red Roses wrapped in Special Paper

  •  845.00

    Blue Orchid is a symbol of royalty. If you want to show your gratitude to someone, do so with this amazing bunch of 6 Blue Orchids, wrapped in Blue special paper along with Arica Palm Leaves. Anyone would be pleased to receive it.

    Product Contains
    – 6 Blue Orchids
    – Arica Palm Leaves
    – Blue special paper

  •  899.00  799.00

    Make someone feel beautiful with the blush of these beautiful Pink flowers. Gift them this bouquet of 12 Pink Roses, carefully wrapped in Pink paper and sealed with a Pink Bow. To make it more special, we are adding 2 Cadbury Silk Chocolates with it.

    Product Contains:

    – 12 Pink Roses
    – Pink Paper
    – 2 Cadbury’s Silk (60 gms each)

  •  795.00

    Send this awesome Gift Combo that includes a Bunch of 12 Red Roses, 2 Cadbury’s DairyMilk Chocolates and a Greeting Card. This is more than what one could ask for.

    Product Contains:

    – 12 Red Roses

    – 2 Cadbury’s DairyMilk Chocolate (25.3 gm)

    – Greeting Card (As per occasion)
    – Red Bow

  •  1,099.00  949.00

    Roses never disappoint! In this stunning combo, you will find the most adorable hand-picked collection of Red Roses and fuse it with a delish 1/2 Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake. It is perfect for your friends and family for special occasions like Birthday, Anniversary and more.

    Product Contains:
    – 10 Red Roses
    – 1/2 Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake

  •  799.00

    It’s time to give your love a magical touch of affection and what could be a better hamper of love than this arrangement of six enticing Purple colored Orchids beautifully wrapped in a paper packing.

    Product Contains:
    – 6 Purple Orchids
    – Paper Packing




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