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  •  1,245.00

    Full of elegance and grace, this Floral Arrangement is the best gift ever. It has 3 Yellow Asiatic Lilies, 4 Red Glads and 3 White Orchids placed carefully in a beautiful Basket.

    Product Contains:

    – Floral Arrangement is the best gift ever. It has 3 Yellow Asiatic Lilies, 4 Red Glads and 3 White Orchids

    – Basket

  •  1,495.00

    Give a blooming surprise to someone you adore by gifting this mixed hand-bouquet of 10 pink Carnations and 6 pink Asiatic Lilies specially curated for every celebration. When nothing works, this will surely do!

    Product Contains:
    – 10 Pink Carnations
    – 6 Pink Asiatic Lilies
    – Paper Packing

  •  1,745.00

    An ideal pick for anyone whose favorite color is pink, this stylish mix is full of freshness and beauty, and comes wrapped in paper packing . Send this blushing beauty of perfect pink Asiatic Lilies – the perfect gift to ring in any celebration!

    Product Contains:
    – 10 Pink Asiatic Lilies
    – Paper Packing

  •  1,399.00  1,049.00

    The best way to show love to your partners or the loved ones is to gift them a bunch of flowers to make it more special and memorable. The bouquet consist of 12 beautiful red carnations combined with 4 gorgeous white Asiatic lilies wrapped in a magnificent red paper to gift it to you beloved for any special occasions.

    Product Description:
    – 12 Red Carnations
    – Paper packing
    – 4 White Asiatic Lilies

  •  1,499.00

    Asiatic Lilies are everyone’s favourite. So surprise your friends and family with a bunch of 8 Assorted Asiatic Lilies, wrapped in White packing paper and make their day brighter.

    Product Contains:
    -8 Assorted Asiatic Lilies
    -White Paper packing

  •  2,095.00

    Lilies look soft but are actually one of the strongest flowers. They blossom and they spread their beauty all around. Gift someone this Beautiful bunch of 6 Pink Oriental Lilies, wrapped in Cellophane paper. Make someone feel that they are just as beautiful as these flowers.

    Product Contains:

    – 6 Pink Oriental Lilies wrapped in Cellophane paper

  •  2,200.00  1,899.00

    Orange Lilies are a sight to behold. Gift this Bouquet of 10 Asiatic Orange Lilies, wrapped in Yellow paper packaging make a beautiful gift.

    Product Contains:

    – 10 Asiatic Orange Lilies

    – Yellow Paper

  •  3,345.00

    Pink is a beautiful colour. It makes everything look so romantic. Send this Bouquet of 15 Hot Pink Roses, 8 Oriental Pink Lilies, wrapped in Pink paper packaging to someone special.

    Product Contains:

    – 15 Hot Pink Roses

    – 8 Oriental Pink Lilies

    – Pink paper

    – Pink Bow

  •  1,445.00

    Lilies represent an aura of a beautiful lady and are loved as a gift from all. This is a beautiful bouquet of yellow and pink Asiatic Lilies which would be a perfect gift for your best friends, family members, or relatives for any happy occasion. These elegant flowers wrapped with green fillers in an attractive pink & yellow coloured paper packing brings you contentment and joy. It also helps to make your moment a sweet memory.

    Product Contains:

    – 4 Oriental Lily (Pink and Yellow)

    – Paper Packing

  •  1,775.00

    Red is the acronym of love and rightly so because no other colour express this feeling better than Red. If you want someone to feel loved, gift them this Bunch of 7 Red Asiatic Lilies and 12 Red Roses. These flowers will do the magic.

    Product Contains:

    – 12 Red Roses
    – 7 Red Asiatic Lilies
    – Glass Vase

    Note: Lilies color may vary as per local availability

  •  1,295.00

    Graceful, Fragrant and Beautiful are the perfect adjectives to describe the Lilies whereas Love, Romance and Togetherness are perfect to describe the Roses. This Bunch of 4 Asiatic Pink Lilies and 12 Red Roses are going to anyone feel special.

    Product Contains:

    – 4 Asiatic Pink Lilies and 12 Red Roses
    – Glass Vase

  •  1,245.00

    To make someone’s day start with a sunshine smile, this beautiful bunch of Sunshine lilies is the best choice. This bunch of 6 Asiatic Yellow Lilies, wrapped beautifully in a special paper, is something that is bound to lift up the mood.

    Product Contains:

    – 6 Yellow Asiatic Lilies wrapped in Special Paper

  •  1,995.00

    The combination of Red and White is a great one. With this Bouquet, you can make someone’s life more beautiful. This Bouquet has 4 White Asiatic Lilies, 15 Red Roses in Red paper packaging. Make this the perfect gift with Half Kg Black Forest Cake.

    Product Contains:

    – 4 White Asiatic Lilies

    – 15 Red Roses

    – Red paper

    – White paper bow

    – Back Forest Cake (Half Kg)

  •  1,495.00

    With an air of prettiness and beauty that is elegant, this White Lily bunch is made to spread pure love all around. This lovely bunch is made using 6 Asiatic Lilies. If there is someone out there that makes you feel the butterflies in the stomach, this bunch is for them.

    Product Contains:

    – 6 White Asiatic Lilies in a Glass Vase wrapped with jute

  •  1,450.00

    A very classy and elegant bouquet of 8 extra-long stems of Yellow Lilies with fillers. A perfect way to make someone feel loved and special. Paint their lives with the sunny yellow colour by sending them this bunch of flowers.

    Product Contains:

    – 8 Yellow Lilies in a Glass Vase




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